Project Funding Resources



Commercial International Development Corporation (CIDC) is a capital resource firm assisting clients in funding commercial and real estate development projects across North America and internationally.

CIDC provides business and financial analysis to structure developer’s capital requirements to conform to of our funding partners' capabilities and guidelines. We incorporate a combination of our funding partners’ available mechanisms including direct debt, equity, and bond financing to design a full funding solution for commercial development projects allowing for benefits not typically available through conventional financing methods.

 Our commercial clients typically require capital for projects in real estate acquisition and construction, corporate expansion and M&A, technology research, and infrastructure development. We often introduce additional project components that enhance the viability of a project, such as green energy or new technology, and facilitate strategic business partnerships that create additional value and mitigate risk to all involved parties.

CIDC’s select network of funding partners includes conventional sources such as banks and pension funds, private sources including hedge funds, private equity groups, and private trusts, and alternative sources including international programs and platforms.